It’s almost surprising just how many times conversations between friends, family, acquaintances and even complete strangers eventually migrate towards the struggles in our economy. The only thing that has changed over the last several weeks is the utter agony expressed in filling one’s car with gasoline. I just filled up today in Savannah, GA and paid $2.74 per gallon. The highest I paid a few weeks ago was $3.89 per gallon and this was just minutes before it jumped to $4.39 per gallon. I witnessed an Enmark station close to my office jump 3 times in less than probably 4 hours a total of $0.60 per gallon. It’s just ridiculous.

So now we are grateful for the relief in gas prices while we witness historical fluctuation in the stock market. In my teenage years, I probably would not have even noticed events like these as youth tends to “shelter you” from the real world. Now, I react to CNN much like watching a bad train wreck and you can’t seem to look away, as much as you know you should. And, I’m not really referring to the recent train wreck I actually saw on CNN, but rather the meltdown of our economy and the unbelievable responses coming from our government and politicians.

It is difficult to imagine what countries around the world must be thinking about the changes that we as a people have seen over the course of W’s administration. My wife calls me a liberal or a democrat. I have always claimed that I am not affiliated with any party and my voter registration confirms it. This was partly due to the fact that most of my life (I hate to admit it) I have intentionally avoided following anything about politics as I found it completely and utterly disgusting due to the hypocrites involved in politics. However, with age, I have learned that it is irresponsible to ignore these sort of things and if you want the right to complain about something you have to be a part of it in an attempt to make a difference. So, now that I have been paying attention, I guess I am leaning towards (if I have to claim anything) being an Independent.