Juneau Tribute

The following video is a tribute to my most recent pet/friend, Juneau Alaska. She was a Siberian Husky that I got as a puppy in 2000. A good SCAD friend of mine, Kris, and I were hanging out one day and decided to catch some video footage of the new pup. The “little yapper” was my wife’s Pomeranian, Doolie.

She was a great dog who melted each summer in Savannah. I’ll never have another pet like that in the deep South. Juneau passed away earlier this year with a nasty tumor in her mouth. It was absolutely heart-breaking. I had cut this video way back when after shooting, but the final render was too small for today’s standards, so I re-cut it this week. I hope you enjoy it!

2 Responses to “Juneau Tribute”

  1. training says:

    Do you recommend that I buy a Siberian husky? My appt has a medium sized backyard.

  2. gp says:

    Generally speaking, my experience with Juneau was great! Huskies as a breed I believe are wonderful animals. They do, however, love to run. It’s just part of their make up. I would suggest that you need to be planning to take him/her out for a good walk or run everyday.

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