“What is this?” you may ask. “Who is this?” you may ask. Well, obviously the who is answered by the domain name, but the what is a good question. Chances are good this site is in “beta” as it is my personal Internet Sandbox. Over the years, this site has mostly been a placeholder page, or dedicated to some college course requirements. Much of my time (and life) has been dedicated to my “educational career” (yes I did love college) and in this century, to my entrepreneurial passions. Now that my college years are behind me, and a family life before me, the career driven personality is taking a backseat to the things that I have learned that really matter. Enjoying life and spending as much time as possible with my loving and extremely patient wife, incredibly adorable daughter, and my young son.

Feel free to look around if you would like. What you see now will likely change in the furture. The look of the site, and even the content within it are all subject to change and only advances during copious free time. After experimenting with many different open source frameworks, I have committed at least to WordPress. Once things are further along, some content available here may include private content and as such will require registration. If you are a relative, a friend, or if you have an interesting business related objective, by all means feel free to contact me. I encourage comments on any subjects so if you are so inclined, I welcome discussions.

Believe it or not, this site does have a distinct purpose. One that I hope will come to fruition sooner rather than later, but again, copious free time. Anyway, enough rambling for the moment. This is what happens when I fight with insomnia and I am sure there will be plenty more where this came from.