The combination of “Baker” (WP 2.8) and insomnia have inspired a reset of this site, my daughter’s site, and rethinking of my sandbox. WP is just sweet isn’t it?

After a few minor set backs with my last installation/configuration and my hosting company’s control panel, I decided to just blow off the entire thing and start over with a clean install of v2.8. Same sort of approach I tend to take with Microsoft’s operating systems.

Between a visit from my cousin RP, his wife and 3 kids encouraging a well-needed few days off from work, followed by a major case of rhinovirus (gotta love that name) giving me the worst soar throat I think I have ever had, my sleep schedule is now worse than my internal clock’s tendency to migrate to Pacific Time (I’m on Eastern). I think I’m probably averaging 4-5 hours a night starting between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. and waking up usually once or twice in between. Man, I hate losing REM sleep. Regardless, I have a renewed interest in keeping this site at least trickling.