My how time flys when you own your own business! Hours become days become weeks become months and before you realize it years have passed. Perhaps this just happens as you get older, regardless of what you do for a career, but if you work 80 to a hundred hours a week, burnout is your destiny!

For those of you who think owning your own business would be fun, well, sometimes it is. It is easy to become obsessive with a new business as you watch it develop and grow. I used to think I would be “in control” and decide when and what I wanted to work on, and that it would provide me many opportunities for free time! Well, years have pasted now and I have finally discovered I have not had free time at all, and often times (depending on the type of business) you are still working for your clients (i.e. working for someone else). Think hard about the decisions you make in life, as even seemingly insignificant decisions may one day make a dramatic difference in your life.